Sri Kumaran School. Chengapalli, Tirupur, TN, India

Admissions of students without regard to race, color

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Saturday


07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


Matric Syllabus

Our Chairman



 "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality"

We at Sri Kumaran schools help the younger generation to develop self-confidence and self-reliance.

Even if no one believes in you,

You got to believe in yourself.

Even if no one believes you can,

You got to believe you can.

You will believe in yourself.

All-in-All, how the world sees you will make only a small difference to you. But how you see yourself will make all the difference in you.

"Every new day dawns with different challenges". Yes, the World is changing at a supersonic speed with MIGHTY changes in TECHNOLOGY and today's children have to face it boldly. The aim of Sri Kumaran is to equip the students to tread on the "untrodden" path with dedication, discipline, and internal motivation to succeed in their stride. To achieve success is one of the toughest challenges; but, the highly committed staff and students of Sri Kumaran will achieve this feat. "Sri Kumaran's" must believe in themselves and in their lofty goals. They must make big plans, aim even higher and work tirelessly to remain at the pinnacle of their achievements. I have complete faith in their inherent potential to revolutionize the meaning of success and excellence."


Our focus is also on faculty training and development so that they are well equipped in every aspect. Today, with changing times, there are no well-established rules that can guide a student towards his dreams. Only a well-trained Teacher or a Mentor can execute this glorious task of mentoring the students. Teachers are there at the helm, steering the ship of the student. Teachers are there at the helm, steering the ship of the student's destiny towards a commendable zenith.


Benjamin Franklin has rightly said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest".I wholeheartedly welcome you to the Sri Kumaran family. Together we can mold young minds to yearn for knowledge and learning.