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House System

House System

             To instill in pupils the art of self-discipline, self-governance, and team spirit four houses are constituted. Education brings out the innate talents of the child, so we give as many opportunities as   possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This will help the child to improve and enhance his/ her various talents and aptitude and also inculcate in  him/her a spirit of healthy competition. It will also teach him/her to be a more disciplined and  organized  individual. To promote healthy and competitive spirit among the school children, we have  Inter-House Competitions conducted under the guidance of the Principal and House Coordinators. The students are given an opportunity to participate in various house activities. The house names along with their respective colours and mottos are given below.

              The entire school is divided into 4 houses Endurance. Each child is allotted a house at and   inter-house activities form an integral part of the school calendar.the discipline of the school, news- reading and hosting of functions pertaining to religious as well as national festivals.

*AGNI (Red)

*SAGAR (Blue)

*PRITHVI (Green)

*AAKASH (Orange)